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From tonight’s Man Show Must Go On group ride out of the shop on the Buffalo Soldier Trail up on the higher ground of Grand Targhee.


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Scout at Music on Main in Victor, Idaho.  Always, always full on entertainment!


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You just keep pedaling…  Real hard!


•July 9, 2015 • Comments Off on MOWING THE TETONS

New Habitat recruit Collin Wheeler out on one of our Man Show Group Rides and putting the hammer down on handle bar high mountain flowers high above on Phillips Ridge overlooking Jackson Hole. 


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•July 5, 2015 • Comments Off on THE GREAT ESCAPE


When you can count your real days off on one hand after a number of days approaching almost triple digits you start to think of a great escape…

Even with all of our recent heat wave I knew I needed a big ride away from it all.  Mile Cr. just up the road far enough and in the middle of nowhere with some epic single track was calling. 

90 hot degrees, 6 miles or so and almost 3000 feet up to the Continental Divide Trail.  So hot but, so needed and so damn good!

Up in it.  Up on it. 

Some epic single track in middle of nowhere.  So many options to keep going but, it is well known for its Grizzly bears and I was solo.  I turned around for the awesome ride back down. 

Back down for a ice cold beverage sitting in a ice cold stream!

A great night camping just down the road up Beaver Cr. Canyon near Quake Lake.  

Getting pro at turning hours instead of days into mini vacations and making the most of every damn minute.  
Ok, so I wasn’t alone…  I had this trooper with me, Luka. 

Mile Cr. in the Lionshead region on the Montana/Idaho state line just down the road from Henry’s Lake.  Do it!


•July 5, 2015 • Comments Off on THIS BENCH

This ride on Teton Pass will always be sacred to me.  Beautiful views, epic trail but, it is a bench on this ride that I hold sacred. 

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